Friday, 13 December 2013

Stollen Disaster

I was very excited with the magazine 101 Gluten Free recipes, so many Christmas favourites that I could bake!!!
My first attempt was for Panetone, but unfortunately it was so dry and flat that it was only bearable dipped in coffee...
Not one to get discouraged, I went for Stollen.

I didn't have high expectations. Even before my gluten free days, I've never been able to use yeast properly.
I got all the ingredients together, a lot of kneading and voila, it looked like a heavy log of bread with bits (first pic). The instructions said to leave it to raise for 30 minutes, which I did, wrapped in cling film.
Did it not look so encouraging in the second picture when it was pushing the cling film to the limit? It had raised!!! Was that the begining of my bread making days?
Unfortunately after baking for the recomended time, it smelled gorgeous, but was so hard I had to throw it away, as hard as a brick.
The search for some yeast recipes I CAN bake continues......

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