Thursday, 5 December 2013

Pizza Express Gluten Free Pizza

I've been to Pizza Express a few times since they introduced their Gluten Free menu earlier this year. They have made a great effort to ensure all staff know what they need to do and understand what you ask, so well done!
The choice of pizza is very much like in the main menu, but made with the Gluten Free pizza base and served in a black board to differentiate them from the other pizzas, minimizing the risk of confusion when serving.
They also have Greens gluten free beer and Aspen cider, brilliant choices.

I've really enjoyed it every time, I only remember once when the base was a bit hard, but otherwise, good price and many restaurants to pop into, so a great option when out and about.
They have even changed their knives to some that actually cut!!!

What next? Gluten Free dough balls? Go on make me happy!

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