Thursday, 5 December 2013

101 Gluten-Free Christmas Recipes

I found this magazine at WH Smith last week, and had to buy it!
It looks quite promising, with lots of recipes for the season. It costs £4.99 and as the title says, it has 101 recipes, divided into several sections:

Baking: 34 recipes, including Christmas pudding, nougat, cake pops, stollen, panetone and mince pies.
Starters and party food: 23 recipes, with cheese straws, pancake rolls, croquettes, mini quiches and blinis.
Mains: 13 recipes, inclluding, yorkshire pudding, gravy, Christmas stuffing, and a few sauces.
Leftovers: very turkey based.... 17 recipes.
Boxing day: 15 recipes, with pies, pastry, beef Wellington and a few quiches.
All the recipes have photograps, so no guessing what it should look like.
Now trying to decide what to cook first....

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