Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Woman & Home March Gluten Free Recipes

I was surprised but in a good way when I opened my Woman & Home this month. I got to the recipes section and saw the first photo, a gorgeous looking Chocolate and orange cake that was gluten free!

And that is not the only recipe that is gluten free, there are various sections with food to get us through the winter with gluten free recipes:

Foods for heart health
Chocolate and Orange cake
Slow cooked pork casserole with grapes
Seared spice salmon (just have to substitute soy sauce for tamari)

To boost your immune system
Asian-Style beef salad with coconut dressing
Roast chicken

Food for healthy skin
Grilled aubergine with miso and sesame
Beetroot kale and feta salad

Foods for energy
Butternut squash soup with shiitake mushrooms and rye soda bread (add your favourite bread instead)
Broccoli and bacon frittata

It is great to see that gluten free eating is being acknowledged and catered for. Thanks Woman & Home!

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