Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Sweet Mandarin Gluten free Aromatic Crispy Duck

I recently bought the Sweet Mandarin recipe book and first on my To Cook list had to be the Aromatic Crispy Duck.

I've always loved the flavours of this dish, and now I have the chance to make it myself!

The ingredients were easy to find in my local supermarket, except the Shaoxing rice wine. One tablespoon is used in the duck marinade, and, as the store cupboard page says it's similar to cherry, I used some sweet moscatel wine that I already had.

The taste of the duck was delicious, just as I remembered it from restaurants.

I also made barbecue sauce which is the gluten free suggestion instead of hoisin sauce, and it was really tasty! I ignored the Worcester sauce as I didn't have a gluten free option, and added a dollop of American mustard instead of the mustard powder, as I didn't have any at home and I was already back from the supermarket.
I have to confess I've been using it on just anything afterwards, no need to worry about expire date.

My only problem was with the pancakes, as I made them just a bit too thick and probably used more flour than the recipe calls for. So just a bit more practise here for next time ;)

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