Monday, 4 August 2014

Gluten Free Camden 2: Honest burgers

GF Honest Burger
After a fantastic Friday in Camden it was time for another visit! I met the Gluten Free London club (meetup) at Honest Burgers on Saturday.
I can't believe I had not visited yet, as it is the most talked about place for gluten-free burgers.

The burger can be ordered with a normal or gluten-free bun, and I have to say the bun was very nice. I ordered the Honest Burger without cheese and the flavours of bacon, gherkins and onion relish did complement it really well. I thoroughly enjoyed it, as much as the rosemary chips and the onion rings which were also gluten-free.

GF onion rings

I drank some of their homemade lemonade which I enjoyed, and they also have Daura Damm gluten free beer if you fancy it.

The restaurant is quite small but also quite casual which adds to the charm.
When we arrived around 12ish there was nowhere for us to sit together but some lovely ladies moved tables to accommodate us.
Who says London people cannot be kind?

After a much enjoyed lunch we moved just a few steps to Cookies and Scream for dessert (see review later), although it was a take home pud for me, as I was completely full.

Overall the burger was fantastic, much better than the one I've had before at Vorzars (meat just ok) or the one at GBK (bun a bit dry). I recommend it.

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