Monday, 10 March 2014

Konditor & Cook gluten free Almond St Clement Cake

I was at EV on Sunday celebrating a friend's Birthday, what a great venue, and lovely food too.
We all had a brilliant day, but as a gluten-free eater I had to be on full alert.
Their cakes look so gorgeous, but unfortunately none were gluten free.
Feeling a bit sorry for myself, my brain went into overdrive........
Where could I get myself a gluten free cake last minute?
Maybe a biscuit from a supermarket wouldn't be such an appalling choice after all??

And then I remembered someone had recommended the lovely cakes at Konditor & Cook and that some of them were gluten free.
Success! Now a plan was forming, at 4.20pm, would it be a bit of a push to get to the Waterloo branch in time?
Well, needs must! I had to run.

Got in before they closed and was faced with a dilemma, Chocolate Hazelnut or Almond St Clement?
How can a girl choose amongst so much deliciousness?
Almond St Clement it was and it was brilliant!

I have since checked the cake profile online and it seems that it has won the 2013 Great Taste Gold Star.
I'm not surprised ;)

There are a few branches around London, definitely worth visiting:

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