Sunday, 23 March 2014

Helen gluten free bread mix

 Finally!!! I have never been very good at using yeast, I always blame it on my drafty kitchen, so I've always been a bit irritated by my lack of success at bread making, but thought there wasn't much I could do.

On a recent visit to a large Sainsbury's I found Helen's Brilliant Bread mix in the free from section and decided to have another go at bread.

I must say the instructions at the back of the pack are brilliant, perfect for someone like me who has not made bread before.

On reflection the tip seems to be using the right temperature for the water in the mix (200ml cold from the tap + 100ml hot from the kettle to make the tepid water) and the way to keep the mix while it raises.

The pack recommends to keep the bread tin inside another tray filled with warm water, but just warm from the tap and not from the kettle.

The photos on the right show the mix as first in the bread tin, after raising and as it comes out of the oven.
In the oven I had it at the correct temperature but did use the fan, and I think it has burned slightly on the outside. When I do it again I probably won't use the fan.

Today it is already the third day after baking and the bread is still good to eat, nice and soft.

I would definitely recommend this mix and I'll be buying again.

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