Sunday, 23 March 2014

Gluten Free Crackers Comparison: Orgran v Wellaby's

I found these two packs of crackers at Sainsbury's and got both of them to compare, I always like a battle, and I could compare them to the Marks & Spencer ones that I reviewed recently.
So much choice!

 Orgran Deli Crackers

The look of these crackers is not it's strongest point. They are very pale, and it looks as if they are still to go in the oven. On the other hand, the taste is quite nice, although a bit subtle.
They are made in Australia, it seems a bit far for some crackers!
Ingredients: brown rice, wholegrain sorghum, wholegrain millet, salt, poppy seeds, vegetable protein extract, calcium carbonate, natural caramel colour

Wellaby's Delicate Humus Chips

The look is more apetizing, the colour is more golden and they seem crispier, however, the taste lets these chips down. They are a bit boring and dry, and I am struggling to finish the packet.
Ingredients: chickpea flour, corn flour, potato starch, sodium caseinate, palm kernel oil. whey proteins, sugar, black olivees, pea flour, milk (cream), garlic, sea salt, emulsifiers, leavining agents, lemon
They are produced in Greece, but the pack doesn't say who imports them into the UK (only info available is who imports it to Australia and New Zealand). I wonder why?

Between the two, I would definitely eat the Orgran crackers, although they are not better that the Marks & Spencers I reviewed recently, so unfortunately I'm unlikely to buy either again.

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