Friday, 12 September 2014

M&S growing range

Everytime I visit M&S I find some new gluten-free products. It is fantastic that the cater for us, but why not advertise it a bit more?

Most of their products are very nice, so it's a pity that we don't hear more about it, maybe more twitter photos would encourage even more of us to visit? Just an idea.

So, what did I find this time? A lovely quiche Lorraine (£3, 522 kcals per 1/2 quiche), chicken & mushroom crispbakes (£1.25 on offer, 214 kcals per bake), fishcakes (£1.80), cheese puffs (£1.70, 445 kcals per bag), green olive ciabatta rolls (£2.10, 214 kcals per roll).
I've been eating most of it over the last week and I'd say they are all very tasty and deserve recommendation.
chicken crispbakes

It is a pity that their gluten-free sandwich range is not as good. In my opinion the filling is ok (egg and crest, ham and pickle, chicken salad), just the bread is quite dry.
Of their gluten-free breads my favourite is the white boule, so maybe they could swap the bread for this one?

I read on twitter that many of their normal products are also gluten-free, although not advertised as such, so I had a bit of a label-check-fest while I was there.

Of their sausages, most of them do not have any gluten containing ingredients so one could presume they would be ok? Does anyone know if there is a chance of cross-contamination?

Also most of their fresh sauces do not have any gluten containing ingredients, so it might be an idea to get your own gravy sachet from M&S if you are going out for a Sunday roast so that you can have gravy too!

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