Wednesday, 15 January 2014

January Blues

Oh dear, Christmas is over and it's cold and dark. I don't know about you, but I don't like January much.
Too much over indulgence in the last month, is that what is making me a bit sluggish??
Despite everything, I am quite happy with this last Christmas. I managed to eat most of what I wanted without being glutened once.

That is a great success compared to last year, my first gluten free one. I so wanted to eat like everyone else that I got glutened a few times, but this year, I've been extra careful reading labels, and it's been great feeling fine.

I've been eating a lot of turron, the Spanish traditional sweets. In principle most varieties should be gluten free, as they are almond based, but once you start adding new flavours it's not obvious any more. It is also important to keep them separate from any gluten containing ones just to be safe.
I was really happy to discovered that my two favourites were gluten free. They are liquor cherry covered in Chocolate from Virginia's and Caramelised Yolk (yema tostada).
And I also had some Mon Cheri chocolates that are also gluten free.
I didn't manage to get on the reservation list for gluten free "roscon de reyes" this year. This is a traditional sweet eaten around the 5th Jan.
It is like a giant donut shaped cake, like sweet bread with candied fruit and filled with cream, so something to look forward for Christmas 2014 ;)
For anyone going to Spain, I'd recomend checking out the Celiac group of their destination (asociacion celiaca), as they tend to have suggestions of shops, restaurants, etc.
On the Spanish Celiac website they is some information in English (bottom right corner of the main page). Their website is:

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