Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Battle of the baguette

There are so many gluten free products appearing on supermarket shelves, that is difficult to keep up. A few baguettes have got my attention recently so it was time to compare them.
In December I reviewed Warburtons baguettes but realised later that I had not followed the instructions and did not put them in the oven.

Anyone who knows me knows that following instructions is not my thing, but I've done it in the interest of research.

Warburtons baguettes are definitely better warm, although for me the crust was not crusty enough and I was still feeling they were a bit gummy.

It would have been a good option if I hadn't found another one that is much better on many fronts....

Sainsbury's freefrom range baguette, that is something else!
It also goes in the oven for a few minutes for best results, and it's all that I remember gluten bread to be. The crusts has got a brilliant consistency, very crusty and tasty, and the insides are white and fluffy. It reminds me of rustic bread, lovely.

Someone please stop me from buying more or I won't ever fit though the front door again!!!!!

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