Monday, 9 June 2014

Marks and Spencer new Gluten Free products

 A few new gluten free products have appeared on Marks and Spencer shelves!
A very tasty looking Chocolate Birthday cake and some more bread varieties, ciabattas and baguettes.
They all look worth tasting, so one to try soon.

There are also a good amount of gluten free choices in their food to order section for when you need to entertain:


  1. I'm a big fan of M&S and the range of gluten free food on sale - both in the Made Without Wheat section and in the general items. I'm finding more and more things they are selling are carrying their version of the crossed grain symbol - even 'Breaded Ham'!

    The Extremely Chocolatey Celebration Cake was good, the base on the one we had was a little dry, so I recommend eating it with plenty of milk to wash it down ;-)

    1. I haven't checked the general section, too many labels to read. Anything you'd recommend?