Sunday, 25 May 2014

Konditor & Cook Gluten Free choices

Layered noisette cake (left) and Choc Hazelnut cake (right) both GF
At Konditor and Cook they have lots of delicious cakes and small bites to tempt anyone, even us gluten free eaters.

I was very impressed recently when I tried the gluten free Almond St Clements cake and had promised myself to go back to test some of the other gluten free temptations ;)

A slice of the gorgeous cakes above
This time I even had a bit of banter with the lovely lady behind the counter at the  Waterloo branch, who let me take some photos, and was very informative, even though it was a Sunday afternoon, very near closing time.
Thanks for your patience!!!

So, what tempted me?
I got a slice of the two gluten free cakes I hadn't tried yet:

* Chocolate Hazelnut cake (£24 for a full cake, approx £3 for a slice)

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Ingredients: Dark Chocolate, Crushed Hazelnuts, Butter, Soft Brown Sugar, Polenta, Organic Eggs, Milk, Cocoa Powder, Cream, Splash of Rum
This cake was delicious, in a chocolate lover kind of way, a great cake if you like your dark chocolate.

* Layered noisette cake (£28 for a full cake, approx £3 per slice)
Ingredients: Sugar, Light Brown Sugar, Hazelnuts, Dark Chocolate, Polenta, Organic Eggs, Butter, Mascarpone, Giandujia Chocolate, Vanilla Pods, Splash of Rum
This cake was by far my favourite, also chocolatey but lighter than the other one and so nutty!

I didn't get any of the Mount Hazelnut small bites, which I reserve for future visits.

With cakes this delicious they should have an emergency line!

Konditor and Cook
Waterloo branch:
22 Cornwall Road,  London,  SE1 8TW

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