Monday, 14 April 2014


I went to Wahaca, Southbank recently with the Meetup Gluten Free London Club.
It's always a nice outing with the group, and all the restaurants selected have gluten free options.

The Wahaca Southbank branch is quite cool, built with containers and overlooking the river, it was a fantastic location for a Spring evening.
They do have a dedicated Gluten Free menu, so that says to me they do take it seriously.

I ordered the British Steak plato fuerte as main and mango sorbet to finish.
The Steak dish comes in two large soft wraps with lots of salad, and two side sauces, guacamole on the left, and creamy black beans with corn tortillas on the right.
By far my favourite flavour was that of the creamy black beans.
I found that on the main wraps there was quite a lot of salad but didn't seem to have any dressing, which made it very dry.
The steak bits were quite nice, as the grilled cheese on top, but overall, if I went again I would choose the smaller dishes ordered by some of the others (street food tacos).
They got three small wraps per dish, and two or three dishes per person seemed to be a good portion.
As a special they had corn tortilla lasagna pictured here on the bottom left, interesting dish, which according to Ben was good.
The sorbet was very nice, and I'm glad I ordered it. Actually all the ice creams ordered by the group were enjoyed.
I ordered two drinks, a Citrus fizz and a Hibiscus mojito and both were a bit watered down and disappointing.

Overall it was a good evening, as the group is great, but the food was quite unremarkable, maybe because it was a busy Friday? It might be worth going again on a quiet day and compare....

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